This book is about practical hands-on coffee roasting.

It discusses profiling and how to profile sample roast, how to avoid over- and under-roasting, how different variables in roasting change flavours in the final cup, principles that govern the roasting process; and a lot more.

This book gives you all the necessary tools so you can successfully develop your own roasting profiles and edit the ones presented here. The same tools will help you to become a better, smarter, and more consistent coffee roaster.

It’s a condensed collection of Raimond's 12 years coffee roasting experience with Specialty Coffees.

What others say?

"This Book can really push beginners in the right direction as well as provide advanced roasters with new ideas and thoughts on roasting craft.
I appreciate that you totally opened your work and experience without any fear of rivalry which demonstrates your passion for coffee.
- Tomaš Nossek - QC & Coffee Roasting @ Rebelbean - Czech Republic -

"Great read so far and definitely a super Xmas gift for coffee lovers. I couldn't find anything negative. Loved the bit about salivating! Could not keep myself from peeking at the first crack detection hack for the Loring 35. Very savy! (Much smarter than my way of visually chasing movement in the sample trier and getting only outliers.) And of course chapter 6. Very well written, refreshingly uncomplicated, non-magisterial, thoroughly usable hands-on book that comes from the heart. Will recommend it to roaster cubs and fellow Loringists alike!" 
- Oliver Goetz - Alt Wien Kaffee - Austria -

"I am halfway into this new book on roasting by Raimond Feil and can only wish that this would have been available when I started roasting.
The best books are always the ones where a passionate personality meets experience, and this is certainly one of them.
Can't wait to read the last part."

- Johan Ekfeldt - Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters - Sweden -

"Loving this book. Raimond has packed this book full of thoughts provoking material, making me take a step back and have another look at
how I'm doing things. Some great little hints on roasting with a Loring as well as an extensive sample roasting section.
Such a welcome addition to the collection of coffee literature."

- Troy O'Rourke - Roaster @ Silverskin Coffee - New Zealand -

"I really enjoyed it! You have done a great job of putting together such a complicated topic in such a simple but full of important info way! I admire how exactly and mathematically you planned the roasting with 1st at 10mins for all the coffees. There must be a lot of knowledge of all the
variables behind, and this will be my next challenge: to plan the roast and being able to predict, and your book was really inspiring for this."

- Stefano Ciamarra - Operational Manager @ Coffee Shots / Amsterdam Roasters - Netherlands -

"The book is on fire! A third of the way into it. Will try somethings out on my sample roaster this weekend. I really like your approach.
I want that juiciness I’ve experienced here and there. And now that it is repeatable is exciting."

- Oke Atatah - A & L Kaffa - Texas, USA -

"This Roasting book is an ocean of information and I guess everyone who is interested in roasting or just want to get a bit of information
has to read the book."
- Mohamed Almahroos - A pilot who is passionate about coffee - SCAE member - Home barista - UAE -

Coffee Roasting Made Simple, Coffee Roasting Book, sample pdf, by Raimond Feil

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About the Author!

Raimond Feil loves to teach and help resolve coffee roasting matters.

He has been around Specialty Coffee industry since 2004, started as a Barista but soon in 2005 upgraded to a Coffee Roasting and Barista Training. Finally he co-founded and -owned Rocket Bean Roastery from 2014 through 2016.

Throughout the 14 years in coffee and roasting he has figured out how the coffee roasting works and how it doesn’t.